Around this time last year I struggled with the thought of staying in school or dropping out to do freelance work. I was back and forth until one day I just had enough. I was sitting in a math lab at San Antonio College when I just kept hearing in my head, "don't listen to societies idea of success". Time and time again I heard from professors, "your more valuable now because of your choice to pursue a higher education". I didn't need to hear that, I knew how valuable I was already, I believe Jesus saw me as value before he went to the cross. Once that finally set in deeply, I was moved to idea of was I ready to take up financial responsibility for multiple things that we're taken care of because I was in college. I was deciding to be a freelance cinematographer, freelance meaning some weeks I might have a check coming in and sometimes I wouldn't see a check for weeks. I saw it as, the next job is never promised. I didn't have a set job, I didn't know what was ahead of me. Then it hit me, time and time again I tell God, "I trust you". Well now was my time to trust him even more. He simply said, "Ive never failed you, and I won't start now."

I then sent a text to a friend I worked with, asking if there was any work coming up. Not to long after that he responded, "funny you'd ask, Lamborghini Houston wants to do a shoot." After that first part "funny you'd ask", I knew it was a Godsend. I knew God was happy with my decision to leave college. I finished my semester at SAC, turned twenty years old and started my twenties with a bang. Racing Lamborghinis' and Ferraris all around Houston pushing 170mph. I was truly living what God had called for me, I was free. Free from societies ideal of success or happiness. From last year to this year, Im happy I made the decision to leave school. Ive experienced so much and God has brought me so far. This is my 2nd year filming for Lamborghini Houston. Its been such a blessing. We shot 165 gigs of footage, multiple 5D's, C100, and slow-motion with the FS700. Editing this project is going to be epic, such an awesome shoot. 


Check out my edit from last year. (See how much GoPro's you can catch in the video)



All hi res photos are available for release, contact me and I will send you a dropbox link. All that I asked is that you give me photo cred on insta, Facebook, or twitter!