I recently sat down with some local creatives that work with a lot of photographers around the country. They mentioned something thats stuck with me and is forcing me to evolve again.

When i first started shooting my style was very “basic” happy portraits, colorful, and bright. Pretty much what you get outta the camera with minor editing. That style frustrated me, i wanted to give clients something they’ve never seen before. I want people to know what I offer as a creative they can’t get anywhere else. I knew that was the only thing that would set myself apart from other photographers and filmmakers. 


Then I started changing the look of my work, in that process I went through a lot of frustration trying to birth a style that was in my head. Trying communicate that through the colors and lighting was the difficult part. But there is beauty in that, it makes you evolve and change. It makes you better, it pushes you to level up. To not live content, if you dont evolve you dont grow and other photographers will become better.

Well the gist of what they said was that if I took my documentary style and merged it with my wedding style, they see my work as better then some one the top photographers i look up to. I felt so far from their style but i was working on the road to get there. 

I feel the frustration with evolving again and what they said gave me the jolt to work harder creating a better look for my photographs. Evolve for the better, frustration and failure builds character. Character and depth that will translate to the photos.