This project was birth on the idea that our choices over time effect who we are today. The idea that we can't rewind or take back our past but the choices we make today can change the future and legacy for our family and ourself.  

I remember the first day Miggy (Miguel) and his fiancé Lavonna walked into South Hills Church. They mentioned that the first day at South Hills they saw their friends' baptism film, and it emotionally touched them. I remember having the Sony FS-700 the day they first felt convicted at South Hills. It was pretty awesome catching the day a families legacy had changed. (All in slow-motion)  

A couple a months later I found myself driving through the night after a shoot out of town just to make it to church the next morning just to see and film them get baptized.  The exhaustion could never compensate how much joy and connection I had with this couple, from the film they saw of their friend giving their life to Jesus, to the decision to change their life for their family. The film team made a small promo after their baptism, little did I know that Miggy's baptism footage would be a vital piece to this story. 


Footage shot on Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera