Mentor Sessions

When I first started out, I was never given the opportunity to learn through others, and had to simply learn through trial and error. Because of that, everything I now know about running a business was learned through the failures of bad lighting, awkward poses, loss of clients, and a number of rookie mistakes. Over the past few years, I've found the power of how a strong and authentic brand has brought me the right type of clients, and have been given the opportunity to take those mistakes and turn them into learning experiences. I am a huge believer in community over competition and have found a great passion in removing the stigma of keeping “photographer secrets” private. I love to help other photographers succeed by finding their own niche in areas that truly fit them, and love to see people growing their passion in their craft. I'm excited to hear more about your business and I'll offer my best advice to help you succeed. My mentorship is based in San Antonio, Tx, but I do offer mentor sessions over Skype / FaceTime. This includes a 15 minute phone call consultation to get an idea of what you want to learn. I want to help out as much as I can and teach the best that I can.



Skype meeting

1-1.5hr Session w/ 15 min complimentary consultation - $250

This Skype session will cover anything you’d like! This session is best if you want to cover just a couple of areas within your business that way we can really dedicate our time to important topics that you're ready to tackle head-on. Also is ideal for people who may not live in San Antonio.

During the session, we typically cover the following -

- Finding your style + aesthetic
- Emails & client interaction
- Editing + workflow
- Portfolio review
- Pricing + contracts
- Instagram/social media
- Attracting your ideal client
Contact me below if you are interested or would like more information!


in person meeting

3 Hours of business coaching w/ 15 min complimentary consultation - $400

The in person meeting is an interactive - meant for San Antonio creatives.

This is a meeting that will cover everything! You will have my undivided attention for 3 hours! I encourage that you come with questions already prepared. Again, you have the power to decide what you want to focus on. This time will allow us to review your pricing, portfolio, social media, contracts and other items, providing honest feedback to maximize all items mentioned. You will also have access to me for on-going questions and feedback.

During the session, we typically cover the following -

- Finding the correct light to shoot in
- Social media tips and business strategies
- Coffee or tea on me!
- Goal setting + constructive criticism
- Updated professional headshots 
- Defining your style
- Access to ask me questions after the session is finished!

Contact me below if you are interested or would like more information!



6 hour workshop w/ 15 min complimentary consultation- $750

The in person meeting is an interactive - meant for San Antonio creatives.

Consider this a mini workshop all in one day. These sessions are packed full of learning the in and outs of shooting, editing and picking my brain of anything you want to learn. The day would start with meeting for coffee, about two hours of getting to know you, your business goals, and who you are; as well as asking me anything and everything. I'll capture some photos of you, to bring home some beautiful head shots for your website. Following coffee, we will go out and do a styled shoot that I organize with a real couple, family, mother & kid(s), model, etc. This all dependent on which type of photography you are interested in or are already into but want to learn more about. This will be a time where I can show you how I create a comfortable environment for my clients, how a typical shoot goes and how I work with all types of light. Following the shoot, we will go grab food and edit together using the photos you captured. We will go over editing techniques, perfecting your presets; covering any questions you might have concerning editing and tuning in your style! All of this would be concluded with a portfolio critique by me.

Contact me below if you are interested or would like more information!

I do offer the option to pay hourly, if that works best! The hourly rate is $125 for business related items and $225 for shooting sessions!  

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